Service Special with Free Car Wash

Service Special with Free Car Wash

The service includes:

  • Change engine oil
  • Change oil filter
  • Minor engine tune
  • Replace spark plugs if required (platinum spark plugs extra)
  • Check and top up fluid levels - automatic/manual transmission, brake/clutch, battery electrolyte, differential and windscreen washer
  • Check and report on cooling system condition
  • Check and report on front and rear brakes
  • Check and report on tyre pressure, wear and condition (including spare)
  • Check seatbelt operation
  • Check air conditioning operation (where fitted)
  • Check headlights (high and low beams), brake lights, tail lights, indicators and number plate lights
  • Inspect air filter
  • Check wiper/washer operation, top up water and add detergent
  • Check and report on suspension and steering mechanism
  • Check handbrake operation
  • Check and report on radiator hoses and heater hoses
  • Check and adjust alternator, power steering, air conditioning and drive belts
  • Check exhaust for leaks and security
  • Lubricate doors
  • Road test vehicle and report

Just $269.00

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