Peugeot partner van

Peugeot Partner VanThe All-New Partner range is a new entry into the PEUGEOT Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) family and is the first LCV to feature the passenger car-style PEUGEOT i-CockpitTM layout, incorporating a head-up instrument panel for clear viewing of the speedometer and other vital information.

Design and functionality

A size to suit

The All-New PEUGEOT Partner Van is available in two body types, Standard and Long, meaning no matter the job, there's a Partner to suit. Long variants are paired solely with a diesel engine and manual transmission and petrol engines are used solely for the Standard variants. There are two petrol drivetrains, the 110 manual and 130 8-speed automatic, which are available for the Standard body type. The Long body variant is available exclusively with the diesel/manual drivetrain.

Work smarter, not harder

Both the Partner diesel Long and Partner petrol automatic Standard feature dual sliding side doors, making it easier to access the vehicle's cargo area. All variants can easily carry a 1,000kg payload, the load area accessed through a wide - 1.3m - opening, easily accommodating a Euro pallet. The Partner will be available with both petrol engines featuring automatic and manual transmissions (launching soon) and a sole diesel engine with manual transmission.

Enhance your driving

PEUGEOT's unique passenger car interior philosophy is now available in the LCV range. i-CockpitTM takes the simple principles of making driving easier with a raised, head-up instrument cluster for higher levels of visibility, a small, low-set steering wheel for greater control and an intuitive, ergonomic cabin layout.

Peugeot Partner Van

Peugeot Partner Van


Peugeot Partner Van

Surround Rear Vision

Be one of the first lucky ones to enjoy Surround Rear Vision in the All-New Partner van. This innovation makes driving easier and safer, letting you easily check your driving environment where visibility is limited. Using two cameras, views of the van’s immediate surroundings are displayed on a screen positioned in place of the rear view mirror. Especially useful for versions with unglazed rear doors and those models with a solid bulkhead.

This system has 3 components:

  • - A camera mounted in the door-mirror relays images from the passenger side of the vehicle and improves blind spot visibility.
  • - A long-range rear visibility function.
  • - A reversing camera function to provide images from directly behind the van to help with manoeuvring by indicating the width of your vehicle with the door mirrors unfolded. It indicates distances at 30cm, 1m and 2m from the rear bumper, the turning circle radius of your vehicle depending on the position of the steering wheel, as well as the opening extent of the rear doors.

With Surround Rear Vision, you’ll no longer need to choose between improving your safety by increasing your viewing area, and securing your load further by opting for a solid bulkhead or unglazed doors.

Sensors at all angles

The All-New Partner van is equipped with both front and rear parking sensors to assist when navigating in tight areas or negotiating smaller car parking areas.

Performance and safety

You're in safe hands

Autonomous Emergency Braking is standard on every All-New PEUGEOT Partner van. The system will, if conditions permit, first warn the driver that a collision is imminent. If the driver fails to react, Partner will apply the brakes autonomously in order to mitigate any potential collision.

Don't stray from your path

The All-New PEUGEOT Partner van features Lane Departure Warning, ensuring that you never stray from your path. If the vehicle is travelling in a lane with clearly marked lines and exits the lane without use of an indicator, the system will notify the driver via audible and visual alerts. Just another way the Partner van ensures your, and others', safety on the road.

Powered by excellence

PEUGEOT's latest-generation petrol and frugal diesel engines are available in the All-New Partner van. Automatic petrol Partner van variants feature our new 8-speed, full-fluid, automatic transmission with torque converter. With a large number of gear ratios the transmission promotes frugality and efficiency while operating smooth thanks to its fluid coupling.

Petrol variants of the Partner are powered by our four-time World Engine of the Year Award-winning, 3-cylinder, turbocharged engine which offers power and torque that belie its capacity.

Peugeot Partner Van

Peugeot Partner Van

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