The SUV with mass appeal

Peugeot 2008The PEUGEOT 2008, a compact SUV, is a compelling proposal. Its innovative features exude power.

The design bears the hallmarks of the SUV segment, with added power and robustness. The fender flares* and the vertical grille protect the bodywork while the ‘wave’ roof profile and roof bars, rear door moulding and spoiler add a sophisticated touch.

*Standard from Allure level.

All of the allure of an SUV

Peugeot 2008The dynamic character of the new PEUGEOT 2008 SUV is also epitomised by its elegant lighting signature. Integrated into the bodywork, the headlamps have a feline look with an intensely high-tech, chrome and black mask.

As a signature of the brand’s style, the rear lamps feature three new, warm-coloured claws for a very marked 3D effect. These captivating claws surround the hatch, which reveals a spacious and functional boot.

An SUV with unique sensations

Peugeot 2008The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® makes driving a unique experience. It invites you to get behind the wheel and enjoy all the car has to offer. With a compact steering wheel and instrument panel close at hand, you can take pleasure in a more agile, relaxed drive.

All the information you need is focused in the instrument panel, with its blue LED surround*. The 7” touchscreen completes the driving experience, offering complete control over the various systems.

*Standard from Allure level.

High-tech elegance

Peugeot 2008Unique in the SUV segment, the passenger compartment is an instant hit with its stylish trim, refined adjustments and high-tech ambient lighting that reveals the premium materials.

Comfortably seated, discover the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® flooded with natural light thanks to its expansive glazed surfaces. The instrument panel has a blue LED surround* and you can choose the optional panoramic sunroof with light guides**.

*Standard from Allure level.
**Available as an option from Allure level.

Grip Control®

Versatile and flexible, Grip Control®* optimises traction according to the terrain, acting on the front wheels with ESP electronic control.

Grip Control®* offers five driving modes. Simply turn the central thumbwheel to select the one you want:

Standard mode:
• Suited to normal road conditions.
• Low slippage rate.

Snow mode:
• Instantly adapts the slippage of each front wheel to the grip
conditions encountered.
• Automatically switches to Standard mode when the car reaches
50 km/h.

Gravel mode:
• Suited to slippery surfaces and tracks.
• Facilitates starting of the vehicle by transferring as much torque as
possible to the wheel with the most grip.
• Similar action to a limited slip differential (LSD).
• Automatically switches to Standard mode when the car reaches
80 km/h.

Sand mode:
• Suited to loose ground.
• Maintains wheel spin on both driven wheels simultaneously to
enable progress.
• Automatically switches to Standard mode when the car reaches
120 km/h.

ESP Off mode:
• ESP and Grip Control®* totally disconnected.
• Manage traction autonomously up to 50 km/h.

*Standard from Allure level.

Driving aids

Peugeot 2008 Active City BrakeYou will find upgraded equipment and improved safety on-board the new PEUGEOT 2008:

Active City Brake*
The Active City Brake technology is a new system to help prevent accidents or reduce their severity in the event of the driver not taking action in urban conditions below 30 km/h.

A short-range laser sensor (LIDAR technology) located at the top of the windscreen detects obstacles such as a slower vehicle ahead (in the same lane) moving in the same direction or at a stop. It can automatically trigger full power braking (deceleration up to 10 m/s) to prevent collisions or limit the consequences by reducing the speed of impact. Below 15 km/h, this system can automatically bring the vehicle to a complete standstill, preventing a collision with the vehicle in front.

In the event of a collision, six standard airbags increase occupant protection: two frontal airbags, two front side airbags and two front and rear curtain airbags.

All 2008s have ESP (Electronic Stability Program) as standard, with ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation), DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), EBA (Emergency Brake Assist), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution).

Static Intersection Lighting*
With dipped or main beam, when the turn indicator is activated or when the steering wheel is at a certain angle, this function enables the beam of the front fog light to illuminate the bend when the vehicle is doing less than 40 km/h (city driving, winding roads, junctions, parking, etc.).

Reversing camera
The reversing camera comes on automatically when the car is put into reverse. The system detects hidden obstacles when reversing and the image is displayed on the touchscreen.

Park Assist*
Reversing camera can be paired with Park Assist, an active parking aid that detects parking spaces and provides assistance getting into and out of spaces. It automatically controls the steering and gives the driver visual and audible feedback. The driver manages acceleration and braking.

*Standard from Allure level.

The versatile SUV

Peugeot 2008Grip Control®*, an adapted traction control system, acts on the front wheels to give the 2008 even greater versatility on all types of road surfaces. With its thumbwheel located on the central console, Grip Control® can be combined with mud and snow tyres to broaden the ability of the 2008.

The system is versatile and flexible, leaving the driver in control at all times. At any time, you can rely on the intelligence of the equipment using Standard mode or selecting one of the four other modes via the thumbwheel, depending on road conditions:
Snow, Gravel, Sand or ESP Off.

*Standard from Allure level.

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