Peugeot Guaranteed Future Value

If you choose a GFV agreement, PEUGEOT promises you a set, pre-arranged minimum buy-back value when your loan ends. The Guaranteed Future Value (GFV)‡ is a car’s guaranteed future buy-back amount, as determined by Peugeot Financial Services. This arrangement is great for managing your cash flow, because with a GFV agreement you will know exactly what your monthly payments will be. It also helps minimise the risks associated with fluctuating used car market conditions, so that if at the end of the loan term, the actual market value of the car has dropped below the guaranteed future value amount, Peugeot Financial Services will absorb the difference – because the value has been guaranteed.

You could hand it back with nothing more to pay – even if the car’s market value happens to be much less than the GFV amount (subject to meeting Fair Wear and Tear conditions and kilometre allowance). Plus, the good news is that if the market trade-in valuation for your vehicle is worth more than the GFV, you may be able to upgrade your PEUGEOT, trade in the vehicle and pocket the difference. So, enjoy peace of mind and protection from fluctuating used car prices and let Peugeot Financial Services take the risk, not you.

Key benefits of Guaranteed Future Value

A loan with a Guaranteed Future Value agreement has several key benefits:

  • You can drive the latest PEUGEOT with the best safety innovations, new technology and driving excitement – knowing the future value is protected.
  • Flexible terms and no minimum deposit required (subject to individual credit approval). Your agreement can be tailored over 36 or 48 months and include either 15,000 or 20,000kms travelling distance annually.
  • Payments are tailored to your individual circumstances based upon your personal credit history, any deposit amount that you contribute and the GFV for the model, term and mileage combination that you nominate.
  • No resale hassles, because the minimum buy-back amount of your PEUGEOT is guaranteed. Subject to your circumstances at the end of the loan term, you could choose to either upgrade, retain or return your PEUGEOT.
  • f you choose to keep your PEUGEOT at the end of the agreement, you only need to pay out the balance of your loan. This is your final payment, which you can pay with any funds you have available or talk to us about refinancing.
  • Ideal for both personal and business customers and available on all finance agreement types (subject to eligibility).
Jarvis Peugeot
Jarvis Peugeot

What happens at the end of your term?

At the end of your term, you’ll have several options depending on what suits you at the time. You can:

  • UPGRADE Use your current car as a trade in and upgrade to a new PEUGEOT (provided you continue to meet the loan approval criteria);
  • RETAIN Change nothing and keep driving your PEUGEOT. Just pay the final amount, which is the GFV. We can help you with finance if required; or
  • RETURN Simply return your PEUGEOT and have nothing more to pay (provided your car meets Fair Wear & Tear conditions and agreed kms).

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